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Urmet was established in Turin, Italy in 1937 and last year we celebrated our 80th anniversary. 

 In 1958, the first mass production of video entry systems began and the Urmet Group has gone on to become a leading player in building automation and security thanks to its constant investment in technology research which simplify, reduce installation time and improve functionality in residential, tertiary and industrial sectors. A wide range of products offers solutions to living and working spaces with the specific requirements of each market. Video-doorphone, doorphone, telephony, climate control, professional video-surveillance, intrusion detection and fire-detection systems: a range of solutions to living spaces giving peace of mind and security, with the intelligence of technology and user-friendly automation– making everyday solutions even easier.

Urmet Group

The Urmet Group is a leading Italian provider with a strong international presence comprising over fifty companies that put together their expertise to offer global solutions to partners and customers.

The Urmet Group designs, develops and markets products and systems in the communication and security sectors, as well as in energy management and saving and telecommunications.

In Italy it is the leading provider of video-doorphone and telephone systems, access automation and control, professional intrusion detection, anti-fire and video-surveillance systems. From private homes to town redevelopment planning up to large public infrastructures, the Group is a global partner reputed for product quality and service effectiveness.

The Urmet Group supports 2800 employees across more than 100 countries worldwide and this is a testimony to the superior quality and design of our products.


An Overview


16:9 image ratio, touch controls, home automation capabilities and advanced features that turn the monitor into an extended and integrated control terminal...


Audio and video versions, with speakerphone or hands-free. A full range of models for all needs, for analogue and digital systems...


Sinthesi is the most popular control panel on the market, that stands out for its versatility and the complete range of modules. In its standard and vandalproof versions...


The outdoor terminal of IPerVoice system with soft-touch interface, colour colour screen, directory and access control....

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