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CX Modo is perfect for customers who love to match their passion for design and latest generation technology. Today this is possible also in the video door phone segment thanks to a 7” display o ering a sharp, high de nition resolution with a simple and user-friendly user interface. CX Modo is dedicated to the IPerVoice system, which is ideal for very large buildings thanks to its IP technology.

A latest generation monitor integrating basic home automation functions.

Indeed, with a single cable, labour and material costs are drastically reduced, though the evolved system is e ective, easily scalable and o ers more solutions. The screen allows to integrate such basic home automation functions as light control, shutter control, garden irrigation and scenario design.

CX Modo is the new 7” screen for the Urmet IPerVoice digital system, which integrates all communication systems in a building. Automatic video-on function to use the external camera in the video surveillance mode, video messaging, door opener and many other additional services, such as automatic elevator call to the entrance floor. It can be wall mounted with very low encumbrance; sophisticated and light design.
  • Dimensions:
    175 x 200 x 52 mm (H x W x D)
    6.88 x 7.87 x 2.04in
  • 16:9 colour 7” monitor with hands-free audio
  • White glossy colour
  • Adjustable call volume, brightness and contrast
  • Different ringtones for external and intercom calls
  • MUTE function
  • Control of a second entry gate
  • Feedback LED
  • 3 intercom calls
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